opposite of fear

First, I think fear is an emotion felt about the outcome of future events.

For instance, I might not know whether a girl will say "yes" to going on a date with me, and I might fear that she'll say "no". Once I ask her, and she gives an answer, my fear goes away. Even if she says "no", I'm no longer afraid that she'll say no. It just sucks.

I think the opposite of fear is hope.

I might hope that the girl will say "yes". And once I ask her, and she gives an answer, my hope goes away. Even if she says "yes", I no longer hope that she'll say yes. It just rocks.

I said this to a friend, and he said that the opposite of both fear and hope is indifference. I think this is true. It reminded me of a post I wrote about opposites, where I suggest that opposites often come in threes rather than twos. For instance, black and white are opposites, but the notion of clear or transparent is opposite to both of them.

This notion of indifference lead to my thoughts about mental zoom.

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