I finished Logicomix. It's great. I agree with Russell's portrayed "answer" to whether America should join World War II, which is "think about it". I also like Gödel -- which I knew already.

I'm not sure I like the attitude of the writers, oddly enough. I feel myself sympathizing with Christos, the computer scientist they brought in to make sure all their math was right, though I don't completely agree with him either. I feel like Christos thinks that math has been "solved" with computer science. But I don't think it has (though I have held that belief in the past).

But I feel like the writers really think logic is madnesses. There's this notion that we can't just think logically, at which point I feel like the author's are thinking "we also need emotions and a sense of humanity". But that's not what Gödel's proof shows. It shows that logic is incomplete. But it leaves no reason to believe that human thought is somehow more powerful than logic.

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