line upon line

Idea 1: I recall this phrase from the Book of Mormon: line upon line, precept upon precept. I forget the original context. My original interpretation of it was that we learn things one bit at a time, like learning to add before learning to multiply.

Idea 2: I often have ideas come to mind, and I think "yes! that's it! that's solves everything! I need to integrate that into my world view!" And then I think about it more, and the idea turns out to be a bit half-baked or not quite as earth-shattering as I thought, and even if it's good, I don't always succeed in remembering it day to day. But, I'll often see good ideas resurface after I've forgotten them.

Combined idea: I thought line upon line was learning to add before learning to multiply, but now I'm thinking that a more useful and accurate interpretation is learning to add many times, again and again, before it truly sinks in. So when I get an idea and think "yes! that's it!" it is good to acknowledge it, but I shouldn't stress about integrating it into my world view right away, because my brain doesn't work that way -- I'll need to see the idea many times as good before it "sinks in" -- and this is not so bad since good ideas tend to resurface anyway.

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