too much to do

Sometimes I feel like I have too much to do. So, why not add a comic to the list expressing my feelings? I drew a rough draft, and outsourced a nice version on oDesk:

Draw Comic
I drew a comic, and I want someone to make it look good ;)

To bid, provide a relevant example of your art.


I hired Albert Dela Cruz, an artist from the Philippines who bid $10, and showed a nice comic he had drawn.

He asked about the character's emotions, clothes, and setting. I said he was mild mannered with conservative clothes in a house. Here is his first draft:

I was concerned that the spiders at the bottom made it seem like there were spiders already climbing his legs (which he might notice). I also thought the second frame should show him in the act of smashing the spider. Here is the final version:

Then there is the issue of whether the comic makes sense. I showed this to a friend, and he did not understand the last frame. The idea is that the comic artist finished the second frame, but was then surprised by an onslaught of other things to do, and did not make it to the last frame. Of course, this is odd, since there is no indication that the character in the comic is also drawing the comic. Alas.

I love the artist's interpretation of the todo-spiders though, and I especially love the low-camera view of the ones on the floor.