tiger art

tiger art
I bought a WACOM Bamboo Fun Tablet, as well as Art Rage, and I wanted to paint something. I chose a stuffed tiger that was sitting on my desk:

I decided to paint the face in 9 segments, like the pieces of a tic-tac-toe board. I would paint each piece at a different time, and allow myself to experiment with different styles. I painted 7 of the pieces...

...but then I didn't paint for a long time.

When I started experimenting with oDesk, I decided to try hiring someone to finish the art piece. Here were my instructions:

title: small art project involving some computer-painting

this is weird, but I'm experimenting with collaborative art.

Imagine a tic-tac-toe board with 9 squares. I have painted 7 squares of a stuffed tiger's face:
[a link to a zip file in my public dropbox folder]

I have also included a picture of the tiger. I want you to paint the remaining 2 squares (using Photoshop, or a similar program, but using something that tries to simulate a brush). The squares do not need to line up with my squares (my squares don't line up with each other anyway).

I then want you to compose the 9 squares into a larger image, using your judgement about whether to include space separating them, and how much (I'm thinking a little whitespace between them is probably good).

I also want two "iterations", where you show me what you've done, and I request small tweaks (that you can veto if you feel strongly about them).

So.. if that isn't too weird for you, please bid. Thanks!
I posted a budget of $50. An artist from the Philippines bid $35, and posted this image as evidence that they could do the work:

I was impressed, and accepted their bid. I asked the artist to spread the pieces out a little, and give more texture to the background:

..his original version may have been better, but in either case, there we have it. Some art.