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NOTE: The music on this page is not hosted. I'm in the process of moving it to a more permanent location (the current thought is to put it on last.fm).

A while back, I got a midi keyboard and music software, and I wrote some songs. More recently, I decided to hire a singer on oDesk:

Vocals Needed for a Song

Job Description

This is weird, but I wrote a song (such as it is), and I'm a pretty crappy singer. I'd like someone else to sing it for me. Here's the song (with me singing, even though I'm not very good):

Please bid with a link to some sample of you singing.

If I hire you, I'll give you the lyrics, a wav file of just the music, and I hope to get back a wav file of just you singing. I'd also like at least 2 iterations of "this is great, but could you change X?"

I really don't know how much this should cost, so please bid what you're willing to do it for, even if it is more than my proposed amount.


My proposed amount was $20. I got many bidders. All seemed like they read the task, though not everyone submitted a sample.

$20Sri LankaFyesnone yet,
last contact Dec 20
$40United StatesMyesrough draft,
waiting on final,
last contact Nov 27
$63yesUnited StatesF

Olga Sapho

The singer in gold above is Olga Sapho. I was really impressed with her work, and she gave me the result the day after I hired her. It turns out that she writes her own music, some of which can be found on her MySpace page. I hope a recording label will pick her up soon. In the mean time, I have hired her to do more of my songs. In these songs, she also redid the instrumental track:

My VersionHer Version
Wave Pass
Side With The Band
When They Come For You
Drown Me

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