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I didn't realize it, but the little webpage http://dglittle.github.com/smiley-slider on github that shows the smiley-slider in action had been broken. Whenever people would go to dglittle.github.com/smiley-slider, they would be redirected to glittle.org/smiley-slider, which was nothing -- a 404.

This redirection happened as a result of me setting up my homepage glittle.org to be served from github, which involved having github redirect dglittle.github.com to glittle.org. Apparently this breaks all my project pages.

This behavior is apparently foretold in a tip at the bottom of this article. Paraphrasing, it says: project pages like dglittle.github.com/smiley-slider will be redirected to things like glittle.org/smiley-slider unless they have a file telling them to redirect somewhere else. Of course, the very next tip says that they won't actually be redirected anywhere if there is such a file.

Which is strange. But great. It means that maybe I can fix my problem by adding a file to the smiley-slider repo telling it to redirect to some bogus domain, like example.com (except specifically not example.com, since github knows that that domain is bogus), which would cause it not to redirect anywhere. In particular, causing it to not redirect to glittle.org/smiley-slider, which is nothing -- a 404.

This did work. Sortof. I thought the behavior would be that it wouldn't redirect dglittle.github.com/smiley-slider anywhere, but the actual behavior is that it does redirect dglittle.github.com/smiley-slider to glittle.org/smiley-slider just like before, except that miraculously, glittle.org/smiley-slider shows the content held in the smiley-slider repo. And I have no idea what it would show if the homepage repo happened to have a directory called smiley-slider.

Anyway, I'm confused, but it seems to work. However, this means I need to put a bogus file in all my projects telling github that they are being served on some domain that they are not being served on. I suppose one alternative is to have my homepage in a regular project, so it doesn't cause dglittle.github.com to redirect, but that would mean having my homepage it a github branch called gh-pages, rather than master, which seems confusing, but maybe less confusing.

[update: now I do have my homepage in a regular project so it doesn't cause dglittle.github.com to redirect]

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