Introverts vs Extroverts

there's a meme going around, something like "introverts aren't so bad".
here are some examples I've seen:

from TED: Susan Cain: The power of introverts

from some web comic: How to Live with Introverts (featuring a hamster ball)

and a friend just pointed me to a list of: "Top ten myths about introverts"

one issue though,
I feel like people start with the premise that socializing is good,
and try to say that introverts do socialize,
just in different ways,
or different amounts.

but I don't think socializing is good,
anymore than sex is good.

It's fun,
for some people,
but the activity itself isn't inherently valuable — it doesn't push humanity along — except to the extent to which it keeps people undepressed enough to do truly valuable things

communication is valuable.
reproduction is valuable.
socializing and sex often have these valuable side effects

but both of these side effects can be achieved without socializing or sex,
through the marvel of technology

if you like socializing,
go for it.

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